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What are American style clay chips? 
That is the name given to the type of chips manufactured in the United States starting in the late 1800s and continuing even today. 

So these chips are made of clay right? 
Wrong and right! Originally they may have been 100% clay, but for the last 75 years or so they have been a composition of materials heavier and more durable than just pure clay. 

How are clay chips made? 
The real clay chips are compression molded under extreme pressure and temperature. 10,000 lbs psi and 300F. 

What about all these injection molded chips that I see advertised as clay? 
Beware, all injection molded chips are plastic. Some are made with a clay like filler added, but they do not have the same feel or handling of true clay chips. 

Are clay chips unbreakable? 
No they are not. Clay chips are tough and durable under normal playing conditions, but rough handling can cause damage. This is also true of plastic chips. 

How long will clay chips last? 
In a casino about 3 to 6 years. In home use, with good care and the correct storage, they can last a lifetime. 

What's the difference between a printed center and hot stamped chip?
With a printed center custom chip, the printing is protected by clear PVC vinyl and molded directly into the body of the chip. Hot stamping applies gold foil directly to the surface of the chip using heat and pressure.

How long do real clay chips take to make? 
As every part is hand made to order, it can take up to 3 or 4 months to make and assemble parts depending on the complexity and size of the order.  Molds are used in rotation depending on demand (measured by paid orders) so the total delivery time can vary from 2 to 9 months, although this can alter day by day.

How many do I have to order? 
Because all real clay chips are made by a very labor intensive process we require a minimum of 300 chips. Within a 300 chip set you can have up to 3 unique chips. In a 400 chip set up to 4, and in a 500 up to 5 etc.  Orders for 39mm and 44mm chips cannot be combined.  Minimum order size for add-ons and re-orders will be evaluated on a case by case basis and lowered if possible.

Note that orders with more than one qty of 50 or below may attract a wastage premium. This will be determined by evaluating the entire order content.

What is it that makes clay chips so popular after all these years? 
Security The number one reason. It is almost impossible to duplicate a hand made clay chip. The molds that make these chips exist only at our factory and the manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret. 

Handling  Clay chips handle more easily than plastic chips. They're not so slippery. A big advantage to casinos. 

Durability  Proven in thousands of casinos around the world for the last 80 years. 

Cost  Still the least expensive protected chip on the market today. 

What are the correct terms to use when ordering poker chips? 
When ordering, please describe chips in the following way. 
First Body or main color.  Second Edge spot amount and size. In the example below, 312 means 3 edge spots all 1/2" in size.  Third Edge spot colors.  Fourth Description of art work.  Fifth Mold design. 

The above chip would be described as follows: 
Black 312 Dayglo Green, printed center (EC) made on the Horsehead mold. 


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